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Sylvanian Families: Party Set (4269)


12,99 €

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Celebrate your Sylvanians’ birthdays with this neat party set for 4. Complete with two sets of bunting, a large table and 4 lovely chairs, you can create a festive feast using the 4 glasses, 4 plates, 4 sets of cutlery, jug and pair of tongs, plus the selection of party food which includes a pizza and plate, a beautiful berry topped gateaux, and a lunch stand with sarnies and nibbles. Why not give your Sylvanians a gift (this set comes with two plus 2 greeting cards) and there are even 2 party hats to help them celebrate in style!
  • Category Girls Playset
  • Brand Sylvanian Families
  • Age 3-4 years
  • Boy or Girl Girl