Bruder Man Tgs Tow Truck With Bruder Roadster And L+S Module 03750


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This is the MAN TGS tow truck. The cabin windows are made of transparent and shatter-proof plastic. The wing mirrors are foldable and the doors can be opened. The platform of the truck can be lowered. With the lifting crane you can then charge the vehicles. The truck is also equipped with wheel wedges and fold-out supports. The light and sound module is already installed. The German family company Bruder toys have been characterised by innovative products “Made in Germany”, attention to detail and the fulfillment of children’s dreams since its inception in 1926. With the introduction of plastic production, the path to today’s worldwide success of the brand Bruder was paved. Brother transforms the experience of the real world into a faithful world of children’s play. With the pedagogical valuable principle, children can prepare the seen and are playfully brought to different subjects such as road construction, agriculture or rescue operations. Brother stands out thanks to the high quality and versatile functionality of its products. The slogans “also in small as the big one” or “just like the real thing” reflect the philosophy of the company. The created worlds can be populated by the scale-appropriate figures of the B-World series (brother world) and offer unlimited fun for young and old by active use on fields and construction sites.

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