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Wooden shape box

From 1 year to 2 years

This wooden shape box allows your baby to develop his dexterity by inviting him to embed the right shapes inside the cylinder. He starts with one before trying his hand at six and gradually becomes familiar with different shapes and colors through the game. Once the game is over, the small door with the rubber bands allows you to retrieve the shapes to start over! Practical, the bars are used to turn and transport the shape box easily!

1 Shaped box cylinder and 6 wooden geometric shapes: 1 triangular prism, 1 cube, 1 cylinder, 1 truncated pyramid, 1 heart-shaped cylinder, 1 half-cylinder. Dim. Of the shape box: Diam. 11.7 x H 10.2 cm. Approximate dims of 1 shape. : L 3.5 xl 2.8 x H 3.5 cm. Box, size: L 12.50 xl 12.50 x H 12.80 cm. Finish: water-based paint.

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