About us

About Us

The family-run business King of Toys Ltd has started to operate since 1981 carrying out purchases and co-operations with established companies in the toys sector and famous traders from all over the globe such as  Lego,  Playmobil,  Mattel,  Barbie,  Hasbro, Clics,  Smoby, Fisher-Price,  Simba,  Giochi Preziosi, AS Company,  Little tikes.


Today, we operate four retail shops of King of Toys, three in Nicosia and one in Larnaca. We co-operate with all the top-ranked toys companies throughout Europe. Our main priority is the safety of children, the education and entertainment and that is why our toys maintain the strictest safety requirements and are made to offer your children the joy they seek. In our toys shops you can find a great variety of toys which start from infancy to maturity exacebrating your joy, knowledge and imagination.

The aim of our company is to be close to our fellow people offering them whatever suits them with the best prices. We ensure competitive prices with our main priority to offer safe toys with high standards; toys which last for ever.

Our intention is to be up to date with the modern society, and the internet is a part of our life nowadays. Knowing the lack of free time which our society imposes, we decided to operate our electronic shop www.kingoftoys.com.cy which gives access to all the Cyprus public, informing them about new toys arrivals for all ages. Our aim is to eliminate distances, so from our site you can order your toys and you can have them delivered at your door within one to three days with our distributor’s credibility.

We work with all the other toy stores in Cyprus, such as:

Mitsingas Wonderland, Jumbo toy shop, Mavros toy shop