King of Toys Club Rewards Loyalty Program

How our Club Rewards Loyalty Program works


If you are new to our online shop:

To join our Club Rewards all you need to do, is first Register and then Login.
After you finish your shopping and go to the checkout, you will need to complete the form to create your King of Toys customer account.
From your first purchase and for every future purchase, you will collect Club points.

If you are already a customer of our online shop:

Since you already have a customer account, with every purchase you make from now on you will start collecting Club points.


How Club Rewards Points are collected:

For each €1 (one euro) you spend shopping you collect 1 Club point. The more you spend the more Club points you collect.
After you collect points, you can view the total of your points by selecting the menu “MY POINTS”.


How Club Rewards Points are Redeem:

For every 500 points you collect you can apply a discount of €15 (fifteen euros) on your next purchase.
When you finish shopping and go to the Checkout page you will be able to redeem your points for a discount from your Order.
To redeem 500 points for a discount, your purchase order must be €20 and above excluding shipping charges.

You can only start redeeming points for a discount when you have collected 500 points or more.
Example: If you have collected 820 points you can only redeem 500 points for a discount of €15.

You can only redeem 500 points at a time, meaning that if you have collected 1000 points you will need to redeem them for discounts in two different orders or visits.



  1. The King of Toys Club Rewards program is exclusively for purchases made on our online e-shop, and points collected cannot be used for redemption from any of our King of Toys physical stores.
    Also, points collected in any of our physical stores, cannot be used for redemption in our online e-shop.
  2. EXPIRATION: Your Points collected will expire if you do not redeem them during a 2-year period.