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Brand: Gotz / Goetz
Eye type: Grey/ Fixed
Size: 50cm/ 19.5″ – 20″
Hair: Blonde rooted

Gotz Hannah All Year Round is a new 2019 doll. For the first time we have blonde Hannah with grey eyes! She’s beautiful, and a treat from the usual blue. Hannah dolls are new each year, and at most one style such as the Hannah All Year Round doll will appear for up to two years.

She’s 50cm tall and has beautiful long blonde rooted hair and this year she has no fringe/bangs. She has in-set grey eyes, long dark eyelashes, blushed cheeks and lips. She has a full vinyl body with joints at the shoulders, hips and neck. Her face is asymmetrical and so are her limbs which makes her particularly realistic.

Gotz moulds are designed with a degree of asymmetry to make dolls look more real, as a reflection of the fact that in reality people are not symmetrical.

Hannah All Year Round is so named because she has a full wardrobe of clothes with her so she can dress for each season!

Hannah dolls are safety tested for children from age 3 but we recommend her for girls age 5 and above as her body is vinyl which makes her less cuddly than a soft bodied doll, therefore usually better for a slightly older girl.

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