L.O.L. Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise 2σχ. 570684e7


Σετ Παιχνιδιού με αποκλειστική κουκλίτσα και ζωάκι από την σειρά Present Surprise.
Το πιο deluxe δώρο για κάθε περίσταση!
Fizz περιεχόμενο που αποκαλύπτεται στο νερό ως τούρτα πάρτι.
Μαζί αξεσουάρ όπως πρόσκληση για πάρτι και παιχνίδι με θέμα το πάρτι.
Σε 2 σχέδια. Καθένα πωλείται ξεχωριστά.

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Get ready to par-tay with LOL Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise!
Unbox the perfect gift including a a limited-edition L.O.L. Surprise doll and their pet. Choose between Sprinkles doll or and her pet, Sprin-claws or Miss Par-tay doll and her pet, Partay Puppay.
Each package comes already wrapped in a fabulous gift package with a bow and tag.
Drop the included fizz in water for a fizzy surprise to reveal a party cake. Inside, find the limited-edition doll and pet. Cake doubles as storage and doll stand.
Unbox fashions and accessories hidden in confetti and sand surprises. Bathe your doll and pet for a surprise color change.
Also includes party accessories for your doll, including party banner, party game and party invitation. 2 styles to collect. Each sold separately.

Before you complete your order remember to add to the Order notes in the Checkout page the selection number of your choice you want us to send you. If you don’t the selection will be at random.

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