Spidey Spiderman – Φιγούρα 5cm με όχημα W2 JWS00007-B


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Spidey is dashing around the city in between adventures and now your little Spidey fan can too, with load and launch Disc Dashers, the freewheeling, 5″ vehicles! This disc dasher vehicle features the fan favourite, Spidey! Spidey’s bright red and blue inspired vehicle is sure to grab their attention! When trouble appears, the Disc Dasher can blast out a disc by pressing down on the character’s head to keep danger in check. Disc dashers come with 2 discs each, which can be stored in the hood of the car for on-the-go fun. They’re freewheeling, which means you can take them out for a spin! GO-WEBS-GO! For more amazing adventures, be sure to collect all of the Disc Dashers! Swing Into Spidey Fun! Spidey’s back at it, and this time he’s bringing all his amazing friends along too! Each disc dasher vehicle features a character from the show. The vehicles are freewheeling, so you can take them out for a spin!

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